Nuturing the Green Economy

First define what you mean by Green Economy

What Green Economy? First you have to define it, then create it. Most posts on here are extremely generalistic, with no real substance.

To foster a GREEN ECONOMY, you should be publicizing truly green innovation in business and commerce. But first, clearly define what you mean by "green"?

There are tremendous number of ways one could think about going "green". Using less energy, driving less, buying local, substituting dangerous chemicals for safer ones in products, developing more sustainable manufacturing processes and feedstocks, increasing recycling, using renewable energy, and on and on.

I suggest you first become focused on a single issue, whatever that may be, and work on that issue, and then expand to other issues as you gain insight and knowledge. Partner with the UC and other scientific think tanks to develop web content relevant to the public as a whole. Start small and expand in the future, as you get experience.

Publicizing truly innovative and truly "green" new technologies and products would be a great place to start. Many municipalities have, and are hungry for more, environmentally preferable purchasing programs that focus on procuring "green" products. Consumers also seem to have interest in such information. Expand resources available to these entities (list green products for example) to foster green purchasing, which in turn can drive markets and create the green economy you desire.


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    I suggest that multi-billions of avocado trees must be planted on the open desert lands to feed the world and for carbons sequestration, -- but never make it a private property because the greedy developers will destroy the avocado trees and sell the lands as real estate properties.

    Multi-million windmills made of wide face blades, on the ground and in the sky, must be constucted on the open desert lands to serve as pumping and desalination devices to provide clean irrigation water for the avocado trees. By having abundant water in the desert lands we can build impervious fishponds for Telapia fish production under the avocado trees. In this way, we create multi-millions of agricultural jobs and make the desert green and habitable.

    Please minimize creation of White Collar jobs and middlemen because this is against healthy ecoonomy

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    E M
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    This raises a very good point. Currently there is no agreed nationwide or worldwide definition of “green.” California has developed a working definition of green jobs. It generally boils down to production of goods or services relating to:

    Generating and storing renewable energy

    Recycling existing materials

    Energy efficient production, manufacturing, distribution, construction, installation, and maintenance

    Education, compliance, and awareness

    Natural and sustainable product manufacturing

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the federal agency responsible for developing and implementing the collection of new data on green jobs, is currently sevaluating comments on the definition it will use in measuring green jobs. California, through its Green Collar Jobs Council has expressed some concerns about the direction the BLS is going. Thank you for your feedback thus far and we look forward to continuing this online conversation on developing content that nurtures California’s green and clean economy.

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